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Sonic Clean & Hot Wax Chain - $65 ($25 Deposit)

Regular price $25.00

Want the ultimate in drivetrain efficiency? Waxed chains offer numerous benefits including watt savings, extended drivetrain life, and noise reduction.

Our chain waxing includes:

  • Complete chain strip and degrease in sonic bath
  • Application of Silca Secret Blend hot wax

For best results, we highly recommend starting with a new chain for hot wax application

$65* - $25 deposit due upon scheduling

Please note - service appointments are drop-off times only. We try to turn all services around within 24-48 hours of scheduled drop-off time.

We require a deposit to secure your appointment in our service calendar.  Deposit is non-refundable - please call us if you need to reschedule your service appointment.

Disclaimer: We do not service Class 2 (throttle assisted) e-bikes, tricycles, scooters, recumbent bikes, or burning man bikes.

*base price only - does not include parts costs or additional labor costs if deemed necessary